Urmila Awards 2022

Urmila Award 2022 is open till 14 February 2022.

Participants are invited to send video of any Bhajan or Devotional Song sung by them.



How to apply for the ‘Urmila’ Awards 2022

- Sing and record video of any one bhajan or any one devotional song of your choice.

- The Video should be in any of the format: o .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .MKV, .WMV.

- The duration of the video should be between 2 minutes (minimum) and 5 minutes (maximum).

- Any video of duration of less than 2 minutes or more than 5 minutes shall not be accepted.

- Participants are allowed use of live instruments for accompaniments.

- Links for any pre-uploaded video on any other platform shall not be permitted.

- The last date of submission is 14 Februrary 2022.

- Video of the song should be e-mailed along with the entry form to: iireresearch@isfgroup.in.

- Download application form here

Some tips for you

- Participant should capture video in horizontal mode only.

- Participants must shoot their singing videos in broad daylight / proper lighting for clarity of facial recognition.
- Recorded video should be of single frame and one angle for the entire duration, without editing.
- Participants are advised to keep the recording device of the video stationery/reduce hand movement during the recording.
- Use of mic is recommended for better audio clarity.

Retro Singer
Image by Josh Sorenson

2022 Rewards

- The winning entry will get a special Prize along with an e-certificate.

- Five Best  entries will get an e-certificate and letter of appreciation.


Terms and Conditions

Inner Search Foundation and ISF Group has no intention of using any of submitted material and or awarded material for any commercial purpose. The jury of the awards shall judge the entries for their quality of singing, clarity of words, any creative improvisation in the rendering, and overall effect. The winner entries will be published on ISF Group’s YouTube channel.

By participating in the contest, the participants agree to following terms and conditions of this Award:
• Participants confirm that they have either submitted their original work created as per requirements of this competition and shall not use this for any commercial or other purpose unless they have sought written consent from the Inner Search Foundation.
• Participants shall ensure that all due credits are given to all other sources which support their submission.
• Any shortcoming in meeting the above criteria and terms shall render the participant's application invalid leading to disqualification.
• The participant shall have no further claims or rights if the content is used by Inner Search Foundation and/or ISF Group in any form and/or on any platform.
• Participants of age below 18 years shall need to submit written consent of their parents or guardians to all the terms.
• The Selection Committee is fully empowered to decide all matters regarding the process of nomination, evaluation, and selection.
• Inner Search Foundation and ISF GROUP are not liable for any plagiarism or misuse of any source as the original copyright(s) is(are) solely owned by the Companies, Original-Artist(s), Record-label(s) and Producers.