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The Selection Committee 


Prashant Salil

Prashant Salil a lyricist, music composer, singer, and performer and is a multi-instrumentalist and has a command over various instrument. He dexterously plays instruments and also designs and crafts his own instruments. He is a member of Cine Musicians' Association (CMA) and Screen Writers’ Association (SWA), he has also been involved in various recordings of films, T.V. serials and jingles and has worked with legendary music directors like Laxmikant Pyarelal, Ravindra Jain, Khayyam, Anu Malik, Jatin Lalit, Rajesh Roshan and many others. His various performances also include mega events like Koktebel Jazz Festival, Russia and World Cultural Festival, held at New Delhi. His released albums as a Santoor player are 'SEASONS' by Music Today, 'MOODS AND MOMENTS' by Sagarika and ‘HARMONY’ by Vale Music, to name a few.

Anu Burman

​A builder by profession and a management graduate by education, Anu has been a keen student of Hindustani classical music since a very young age. He has the good fortune of having undergone training in the Dagar vani school of Dhrupad from the late Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar. Anu has performed in numerous concerts in India and abroad and is an accredited AIR artist. 

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Pawan Kapoor

Pawan Kapoor, Co-Founder and Trustee of Inner Search Foundation is a Class I Marine Engineer, Mr. Kapoor has a vast and varied working experience of over 40 years in the maritime sector, at sea and ashore in the area of education and training. He has been a student of music from the age of 10 and learnt to play the Hawaiian Guitar, and later Indian Classical and Semi-Classical Music. He also plays the Harmonium and has recently published an album of Bhajans on YouTube.

Ramakrishnan Iyer

Ramakrishnan Iyer is a shipping professional with an experience of around 20 years in the shipping industry. He has a great passion for singing and is currently pursuing his passion alongside his career. He is associated with 'Leherein' Musical group, which is part of a charitable organisation namely, Nanha Tara Foundation. He is known as the "Voice of Mohd. Rafi" and is an ardent admirer of Mohd. Rafi. He has done various stage shows in Mumbai and has proven his versatility over the past few years. Besides having a lovely voice, he is a thorough gentleman, strong believer of God and kind hearted by nature.


Soham Biswas

Soham believes that music has no language and is a way of expressing the subtle life experiences that cannot be expressed otherwise. A passionate singer and rapper and find peace in indulging into different forms of music from Indian classical to western jazz, instrumental to underground rap music. He writes and composes Hindi rap music under the penname 'RumonSwag' and is also associated with music distribution platforms.

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