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HELMS Virtual Institute

Every groundbreaking solution begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. With the HELMS Virtual Institute, we wanted to build a modern, transparent, and effective way to manage and conduct the training - a system which will benefit the trainer and the students. Our incredibly bright team members have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that the HELMS Virtual Institute encompasses every aspect of an effective training institute in the digital world.

Distance Learning

Features of HELMS Virtual Institute

Build your training

Build your training programs and courses systematically with HELMS Virtual Institute all. Add documents, PDFs, presentations, sheets, SCORM files, HTML files, URLs to fully customize diploma, degree, CPD programs.

Add users

Create accounts for all your staff member and assign them roles and responsibilities at the HELMS institute. Customize staff roles to suit your institute; such as faculty, department heads, admin, management, etc.  
Add students to one or more training programs.

Conduct Training

HELMS Virtual Institute can be linked with Zoom, MS Teams, Goto meeting. Run seamless interactive classes between student and teacher. Classrooms are available at all times without the labor of scheduling. Teachers can use HELMS features of whiteboard, course material, class quizzes, etc.

Outside the classroom

Use the forum between students and teachers effectively. Forums are great for solving queries, getting opinions, brainstorming, giving hints for assignments. 
HELMS has a special feature of Assignments. Teachers can give assignments to students on HELMS and students can update their attempts which teachers can evaluate or ask students to redo.


Create question databanks with objective and subjective type questions. Add images and various difficulty level to the questions. 
Create any number of examination papers for classroom tests, mid-term tests, final examinations. Feature to create exams either as time-bound or time-recorded and inbuilt with an evaluation system.


HELMS not only allows students to give feedback for the effectiveness of the course and faculty, but it also allows faculty to give peer reviews to each other, administration to provide feedback to faculty, faculty to provide feedback to the institute, and many such variations.

Activity and Reports

With HELMS, generate reports, records of training, assessments, certification for all students and courses. 
HELMS records attendance and activity of all users and staff. Easy filtration for tracking available!


Compare HELMS Virtual Institutes with other LMS Portals!

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